Creation of interior desing projects

Creating interior design project consist of:
1) Detailed project. : technical drawings which are required to carry out all the construction work.
2) Selection: suggestions of walls, coatings, furniture, lamps and other materials suitable for your home.
3)Supervision: driving to the object location and observing that everything would be done according to the drawings on time and with high quality.

Detailed project consists of:
interior concept, stylistic proposals;
modeling of interior visualizations (3D);
furniture layout plans;
construction plans;
plumbing plans;
wiring drawings;
lighting plans;
ceiling plans;
flooring plans;
tiling scheme;
furniture design;
fireplace and plans of other details.

plumbing equipment selection;
selection of lighting;
wall color and coating selection;
selection of flooring;
door selection;
furniture selection;
selection of accessories and other details.


Interior Concept – stylistic idea of interior design. Available in .pdf format in collage form, where interior design is described (style, colors, wall coverings, furniture, lighting and so on).

Visualizations (3D) – model of project’s space, which helps client to feel the space, see layout of furniture, lighting and so on.