You should choose furniture which would be comfortable, functional and stylish all together. This catalog consist of more than 1000 unique design furniture, which can contribute to the development of your home comfort and style. Furniture in home interior is one of the most important elements. It would be hard to imagine a modern home without your essential furniture such as: chairs, tables, sofas, armchairs, sideboards and others. Diversity of furniture in our cataloge allows you to compare and choose them by color, price or other criteria. You can always get advice on furniture from our consultants, they will give you free advice on how to choose and adapt one or several peaces of furniture to your home.

Furniture creates style and harmony at your home, so choose carefully and evaluate how they will affect your home. Here you can find original and unique design furniture made from natural materials. We sell only high quality furniture from well-known Lithuanian and European manufacturers. We also offer original design ceiling, wall and floor lamps.

Scandinavian style furniture is very suitable to our taste and needs, so we have wide selection of this style furniture. However, we offer other style furniture as well. We can offer practically all possible styles: modern, minimalist, retro, classic, oriental, rustic, industrial and already mentioned – Scandinavian. We also offer outdoor furniture which is manufactured in Malaysia from rattan, making it suitable for both exterior and interior.

Furniture can tell a lot about your taste, style and needs. We think that most important part in interior design is not style but stylishness (which means interior uniqueness and distinctive flavor). This concept like neverbefore reflects in current trends. Interior uniqueness can be created by using these non-traditional shape, texture, color peaces of furniture and accessories. Non-traditional furniture creates a vwry unique spirit of interior. When choosing furniture for your new home it is advisable to choose only one theme or style (for example Scandinavian style). You should give a lot of attention to colors and materials of which furniture are made. In harmonious interior all individual elements should complement each other and create beautiful totality.

If you’re not sure which style is closest to your heart or you have any questions, be sure to contact us.

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