Are you very particular about creating interior décor? Do you plan everything ahead to the smallest little things, but the industry does not produce what you want?

„Dekorama“ – interior loft, can accommodate you with the world’s most famous designer fabrics for curtains, upholstery and so on. Fabrics which we sell are manufactured by European corporations which are very well known in the whole world. Their output is famous not only for its high quality, but also for a stunning sense of style.

Do not limit yourself or your ideas and let them be translated into reality because creating interior decor has never been so easy and convenient. Our goal is to provide you with high-quality, original design fabrics, which will turn your vision into reality.

Fabrics play very important role in interior decor. Decorating with fabrics is one of the most popular and modern ways of making interior composition more interesting. General emotional atmosphere of the house depends on the quality, texture and colors. Decorative fabrics are similar to the background, which helps furniture and other indoor fittings to „pop“.

Pattern and color of fabrics can strongly influence the room (its size and proportions). In particular it is worth knowing that single-tone fabrics easily harmonize with the rest of the interior. Such fabric’s beauty lies in its color and texture. When choosing fabrics with patterns, you should pay attention to pattern’s character, scope and theme. It is advised not to use many different patterns of fabrics in the same room, especially if it’s a small room. We offer fabrics which you can use for creating a variety of interior details. Our fabrics not only will help to decorate your home, but also to hide its defects. With facrics you can completely change your home interior.